The Future Of Bitcoin Price, Will It Increase Or decrease After The Pandemic

In January 2009 Bitcoin was launched by a Japanese pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea of a decentralized digital currency under a whitepaper titled: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System was presented by Satoshi. Ten months later after the presentation of the Whitepaper, The Market worth of Bitcoin first appeared at the rate of $1 US Dollar equivalent to 1,309.03 BTC. First, electricity for mining a single coin is what determines the price of crypto.

In the year 2020 Bitcoin gained an extraordinary rise regardless of its temporal breakdowns that made investors be on alert, Which includes an international pandemic, Brexit, and of course The US-China tensions. On the daily charts from a year-low it was at the rate of $4,748(£3,490) as the fear of pandemic took over, Bitcoin increased a bit below $30,000 US Dollar just before the year ended.

Ever since then Bitcoin has increased so high above $38,000 US Dollar, making waves on News headlines pushing up other cryptocurrency prices all at once.

So in this piece, we will be having an in-depth analysis on the pandemic influence on Bitcoin and the future of Bitcoin Price, as well as giving you predictions from the Crypto Experts.

Pandemic Influence On Bitcoin

We were able to conduct an observational analysis on how the covid-19 pandemic outbreak was able to affect the Crypto market. A year later into the outbreak of the pandemic, the Crypto Market appears to have flourished. For example, when the Covid-19 Pandemic first erupted, The world’s first Crypto Currency which is Bitcoin could be purchased for about $7,300 US Dollars.

In recent days the same Bitcoin tokens cost more than $47,800 US Dollars, An overwhelming 641 percent increase.

The theoretical aspects of this uppermost trend are not significantly apparent, As there may be various enforcements that may push demand up or down in reaction to a catastrophe.

Bitcoin’s Current Price

Kick-started to the beginning of 2021 Bitcoin was worth a rate of $29,048.39 US Dollars amongst high interests and demands from companies and institutional investors. The Crypto market was still and unstable, due to short and sharpened price movements. The CEO and founder of Tesla made it known that the company had purchased $1.5 billion US Dollars worth of Bitcoin and has decided to accept it as a mode of payment. Therefore, it made Bitcoin’s worth increase to an extraordinary all-time high rate of $63,729.5 US Dollars as of April.

In mid-May  Crypto’s worth began to go down, holding to the extreme crackdown on mining activities going on in China. Further notably unfavorable headlines, Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO making a U-turn on his decision to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. He went further and labeled mining activities in Bitcoin as bad for the surroundings. Furthermore, this made the coin lose almost fifty percent of its market value, selling at the rate of $30,895.42 US Dollars at that time.

The year 2021 is possibly the most discomforting year in Bitcoin’s trading history, with volatile prices and extreme movements in the market.

How Much Will Bitcoin Be Worth In The Future

Bitcoin has still got its comforting expectations, despite losing more than fifty percent of its value. Various companies and institutional investors around the world persist to embrace Bitcoin after discovering its expansive capabilities. Bitcoin has been considered to be a long-term conventional investment by several companies in the world.

Since its ten years of existence 18.5 million have been mined already and Bitcoin supply is capped at 21 million. Taking into consideration, gradually increasing demand accompanied by diminishing supply, without doubt, lead to a big cost in the long-term. This is because at this moment Bitcoin becomes less available to mine.

Expert Predictions By Crypto Experts

Various crypto experts have researched to map out the future perspective of Bitcoin with regards to its price in the future, a board of 42 crypto experts. They predicted that the price of Bitcoin in four years(2025) to come would be $318,417 US Dollars and rise to $4,287,591 US Dollars within the space of additional five more years(2030). The predictors include panelists, crypto asset managers, and cryptanalysts.

They made it known that they were able to predict the price of Bitcoin in the long-term because the rise in adoption was increased by institutional investors, loose monetary policy, corporations, and increased asset inflation. Aside from that, propelling  BTC to this price end requires halving the next Bitcoin as an instrument for this cause.

The CEO of Nominex exchange- Pavel Shkitin highlighted in a tweet that industries around the world are anticipating deeper adoption of crypto by the world’s main corporations so it may increase the cost of  Bitcoin to 6 figures before the year ends. The next cycle halving will expand the total adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender by growing nations.

However, Pavel feels that this trend will continue moving up until in four years (2025), as a stored resource Bitcoin will have replaced gold. It will kick-off as an expansive bull market and guide the cost of BTC as high as $500,000 US Dollars.

BTC will end trading in the next four years (2025) at the cost of $210,000 US Dollars per BTC according to Justin Chuh’s prediction- Wave Financial’s senior trader. He declared Bitcoin as a tested and trusted haven of electronic assets. He went further to state that Bitcoin will get to the price point due to the events of halving and great inflation.

In four years (2025) to come, Bitcoin will be worth around $100,000 US Dollars and $400,000 US Dollars in the next additional five years (2030) respectively, according to Keiser’s predictions- The Host of The Keiser Report.

The best-selling New York Times book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, author- Robert Kiyosaki once predicted that Bitcoin will be worth around $75,000 US Dollars by 2020.

Closing Words

Numerous crypto experts around the world are confident enough that there will be an increase in the Value of Bitcoin by the year 2025, with its cost varying between $100,000 US Dollars to $400,00 US Dollars per Bitcoin. The year 2025 is more likely to favor Bitcoin with a convincing probability of increasing its price by two folds. Increased flat currency inflation and dwindling supply and upcoming halving events are part of the motives that Bitcoin will increase more in value by the year 2025.

Despite the positive predictions, the CryptoCurrency market is extremely unstable. It is encouraged by many more components like business interest, global economic performance, global politics with other components having roles in determining the price of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price in the Crypto market can be highly determined by big investors like Elon Musk CEO of Tesla. Investors like that can give rise to remarkable shifts in price by just a twitch.

Whether you should depend on these predictions from crypto experts or should not all depends on your investment strategy and personal goals. Although, one thing is nearly definite: Bitcoin’s value adoption will increase by the year 2025.

How to stay safe from money-making scheme scams

Money has been the means of trading for a long time in history. Of course without money life not only becomes hard but nearly impossible. We all need money to survive, travel and even earn respect. Due to this fact, there are a lot of money-making scheme scams. Unfortunately many have shot themselves in the leg while trying to get rich quick.

How can one stay safe from these scams could be difficult? These are factors that could make one fall a victim to scam schemes. Below are a few:

  • Greed

Over the years many have lost all they had because they decided to get greedy. Trying to double or triple your earnings based on a scheme that has not been tested and proven to be safe for investments. Many victims are only attracted to the platform because of the huge incentives that are given. They bask on the euphoria on making millions of dollars in a twinkle of an eye. Such unsuspecting individuals, driven by greed, surely are heartbroken at the end of the day.

  • Not carrying out a proper background check

Scammers are very smart and intelligent. They are so sleek that they might even succeed to smooth talk you to give out your life. Because they are good at what they do, they give you less or no time to investigate their business proposal or platform. With fake testimony and success stories, you could be in a rush to invest in a money-making scheme scam without checking if it’s worth the risk.

  • Fear of missing out.

People behind these schemes are aware of this basic fact. It is interwoven in human nature. All they try to do is market the scam in such a way that you feel your life depends on it. And all an unsuspecting victim do is get scared that if the train moves he would never be able to get along. That results in the rush of investing one’s hard-earned money!

These and many more makes people fall for these scams, even to smart people. Could it be possible for one to stay clear of the paths of these scammers? Ultimately, there are helpful tips on how to stay safe from money-making schemes scams. Here are few that could help:

  • Do proper research.

When sent an email, a text or receives a call that sounds urgent, never rush and flow with the rhythm. Pause and reflect on the information. Check up their websites. Research on the business or the platform. Find out if it genuine. Ask how they make their profits. Find out if such a company has insurance. Verify if they are a registered company and if they have branches or a definite office.

There is a big chance that a scam platform could have an office. But when you get there, check carefully if it looks genuine. Are they really the owners of the said address? The things in the office do they relate to the business been advertised? A proper background check could really save you a fortune and protect you against scammers.

  • Hold back for a while.

This may seem like a waste of time and money to many. They may think the earlier you join in the faster you earn. But one is sure about a good business. No matter how long it takes to join in, if is a legit business, you will come to meet with it. So try holding back and joining later.

  • Don’t be greedy

With the rate of Ponzi schemes brewing, the need for not being greedy cannot be overemphasized. Knowing that you can earn slowly and grow steadily on a legitimate business plan would help take away the cravings to make millions of dollars with a snap of a finger. Having an indifferent outlook would really help.

  • Talk to people

This could also be a part of the investigation been carried out. X-ray people’s opinion of the business, but those who are indifferent to it.

  • Invest in a market

Unlike Ponzi schemes, a platform where buying and selling are done to make profit is safer to invest in. An investment in money market gives you an edge and helps you put your money where your money is.

Next time you think of investing think it thoroughly and come out with the best decision. I hope this few tips can help you stay safe and avoid being reached by money-making scheme scams.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan China in December 2019 over 5,000 deaths have been recorded worldwide. This novel has caused so much distress globally, causing whole economies to halt and separating family members. While researchers are on their feet trying to find a lasting solution to the virus, personal efforts to avoid getting infected should be employed. Fortunately, the measures to be taken are quite easy and affordable.


Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least twenty seconds each time or carry around a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol base. Ensure you continue to rub your hands until they are dry.


Our fingers are carriers of viruses majorly because they touch more surfaces than any other part of our bodies. We have to use the ATM, the elevator, ride the bus and operate computers, just to mention a few and we need our fingers for these. It is advised that our fingers should not have contact with our eyes, nose and mouth as these are chanels through which the virus can travel into the body and cause the dreaded Covid-19. However, if this cannot be avoided ensure your hands are thoroughly washed or disinfected with an alchohol-based hand sanitizer.


If you catch yourself sneezing at any time, ensure you use a piece of tissue paper and dispose of it immediately. Do not sneeze openly or into your palms as this may cause any form of virus to spread, instead sneeze into your elbows if you do not have a piece of tissue paper handy.


Maintain social distancing especially if the virus is reportedly spreading in your community. Avoid public functions, riding the public bus especially when it is crowded and work from home as much as possible. Keep a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from anyone who is coughing or sneezing, because droplets that may carry the virus may be released spreading the virus to anyone these come in contact with.


While researchers have not been able to ascertain how long the coronavirus can last on surfaces, it is advisable to clean and disinfect surfaces regularly, especially in public places or home surfaces.


If you notice any alarming symptoms, like coughing, fever, shortness of breath or pressure in the chest, do not hesitate to seek medical help. As an early diagnosis and prompt treatment can help eliminate the virus and aid an early recovery. Out of the 150,112 cases reported 73,731 persons hve fortunately recovered. Self-medicating is highly discouraged because your local health center has more up to date details than any online platform you swear by.


While wearing a face mask is usually recommended for those who are already infected to avoid spread of the virus, if you are always out in public places where there may likely be infected people or you are a caregiver a face mask is very necessary.

The coronavirus emerged only in December 2019 with the first case reported in Wuhan China, but the world is already dealing with a pandemic, that the World Health Organization has already declared a pandemic of manifold proportions. Staying safe should be topmost on your priority list.

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Digital-Payments

Medically referred to as COVID 19, Corona Virus is one deadly disease that broke out this year in China. While strict measures were taken to prevent the spread of this virus, all proved abortive as it has traveled to almost every part of the world. The spread of this deadly virus has affected several aspects of life, for example, a number of organizations have closed down. Also, right now it is almost impossible to travel to parts of the world where the virus has not spread to. Surprisingly, football games in Italy and in other parts of the world have been stopped. This goes to show how deep the Corona Virus has affected several parts of the world.

While digital-payments are virtual and cannot be seen, real-life events tend to affect them greatly as reports have shown. Unknown to most people, COVID 19 has affected the price of digital-payments.

ᖇEᗪᑌᑕTIOᑎ Iᑎ ᑭᖇIᑕE

Just a couple of days ago, it was reported that Stock has experienced a significant fall in price and this simply because of the panic that investors have.With the spread of this deadly virus, most investors have had to sell off or stop themselves from investing anymore as they do not know what might happen the next day. Aside from Stocks, the price of digital-payments have also been affected by the spread of this deadly virus. About three days ago, digital-payment experienced an unprecedented fall in price. According to stats and data, it was a 10.8% fall in price.

According to most experts and the CEO of HedgeTrade, during the first week of the outbreak of this deadly virus, digital-payments were unmoved by this but as this virus began to spread to other parts of the world, panic set in and investors and traders began to look for alternatives to get their funds back. Walsen further revealed that the last couple of days have had a great effect on the value of this payment.

With the virus still on the wake, there are reports of a potential recession if a cure to this virus is not found immediately. While speaking at an event, Janet Yellen, the Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve told the audience that if something is not done to combat the spread of this deadly virus, that there would be significant effect in the economy of Europe and in the world as well.

While we have discussed the effect the outbreak and spread of this deadly virus have had on the Stock as well as the digital market, you will find it interesting to know that amidst all this, digital-payments have experienced a slight increase in price just a couple of hours ago. This is proof that while other assets may be affected greatly by deadly viruses like the COVID 19, digital-payments have the potential to rise and this is because of their many features.

Outlook of Digital-Payment 2020

Since the launch of digital-payments a decade ago, this kind of payment has experienced a 9 million percent increase in value. This feat according to experts will go down as one of the most remarkable feats in the financial space. While digital-payment has experienced major ups and downs in price in the last couple of years, this payment has managed to finish above all the others by a great margin.

2019 happened to be a good year for digital-payment. It experienced an 87% increase in value from $3,843 which it started with to finish above the $8,000 mark. The first quarter of 2019 was a big test for the stability of the digital-payment.While most of the speculators and experts were predicting a repeat of December 2017 all over again, that didn’t work out and this affected the value of the digital-payments in the early months of 2019.

Aside from 2019 being a big test for digital-payments, the network itself was affected. The hash rate of the network experienced a 150% rise from 40 exashes per second to 100 exashes per second. The year also saw a number of big companies roll out amazing products like the features product.

What To Expect From Digital-Payments Network in 2020

One of the many things digital-payment enthusiasts should expect from the network is the Digital Block Halving which is expected to hold in the second quarter of the year. According to the White paper of the network, it was stated that after 210,000 blocks, the block reward miners stand to gain each time they add blocks to the blockchain will be halved.

Currently the block reward for mining on the network is quite high but after the block halving scheduled to hold in May, the block reward will be set lower than before. With an average of 144 blocks mined on the digital-payment network each day, at that rate for each block, an estimate is released into circulation daily.

With the halving, the number of digital-payment coins released to the market is reduced to half, in the process leading to inflation and in months to come an increased value of them.

Market Predictions For The Digital Market

With a number of countries that were formerly against the buying and selling of digital-payments already seeing them as the future, experts from all over the world have speculated an increase in the value of the payments.

In addition to the policies enacted by these countries, the block halving expected to take place in the second quarter of the year has provided these experts a framework to predict the price of the digital-payment.Since the block halving will reduce the number of coins released into the market daily, there is a possibility we’ll experience scarcity of this payment. With scarcity comes an increase in the value of the payment.This is especially one of the main reasons experts predict that the digital-payment may surpass the $20,000 mark before the end of the year.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Using Digital-Payment For Online Transactions

Taking the world by storm, digital-payments are currently the most valuable kind of payments in the world at the moment. It seeks to do away with the need to carry cash or credit cards around. Being a digital or virtual currency, digital-payments can be used to make fast and easy online transactions. Since its inception, this digital-payment has been used to facilitate online payments. Surprisingly, a number of online merchants have adopted this digital-payment as a means of payment for products and services bought in their stores.

The underlying technology of this digital-payment the blockchain technology will be used to record these transactions. While an increasing number of people are currently using digital-payments to make online transactions, there are certain benefits and disadvantages you should know about before trying this out.

Benefits Of Using Digital-Payments For Online Transactions

There are a couple of benefits that come with using this digital-payment for online transactions, in this section of this piece we’ll take a look at them.

  1. Reduced Transaction Cost; when compared to the amount most payment platforms charge, using digital-payment to make online transactions is cheaper. Ordinarily, for most financial institutions, carrying out transactions (especially foreign ones) will require checks from third parties. This increases the cost of processing the transaction. The digital-payment network is a decentralized platform with no third party. Lack of a third-party contributes to a fairer and cheaper transaction fee.
  2. Faster Transaction Speed; most financial institutions take a couple of days before processing international transactions. This is because it would have to pass through various departments. These departments will verify if the transaction should be made or not. This does not increase the cost of processing these transactions, it also increases the amount of time it would take. Making online transactions with digital-payments will only take a couple of minutes to complete.
  3. Ease Of Transfer; unlike these financial institutions that will require users to present various documents before their transactions are processed, digital-payments offers ease of use. With a computer or a smartphone and internet connection, you can conveniently send funds to your loved ones wherever they are from the comfort of your home. All you’ll need to do is download a Digital-payment wallet, sign up, fund your wallet account, and begin making these transactions.

Disadvantages Of Using Digital-Payments For Online Transactions

Since we have mentioned a couple of benefits, there are also disadvantages attached to the use of this digital-payment. They include;

  1. Transactions cannot be reversed; while most people may argue that this is an advantage or benefit, they will find it surprising to know that it could also be a major disadvantage as well. Humans are imperfect and are abound to make mistakes even when it comes to how we handle our finances. For any reason whatsoever, most people may send either more of what they originally had in mind to send or would send funds to a wrong wallet address. In situations like this, the user loses his funds since the transaction cannot be reversed. Financial institutions, on the other hand, offer users the opportunity to reverse or cancel transactions that have been made.
  2. Volatile nature of Digital-Payment; being a volatile currency, digital-payments do not have a fixed price. When making online transactions, users will need to know how much is leaving their account. With digital-payment, this is not certain. The amount of 1 digital-payment may rise in split seconds, meaning that the sender will send more than what he should originally have sent.

Digital-Payment has proven to be one of the best payment methods in the world. However, there is a need for improvement as an increasing number of digital-payment platforms are being launched daily.


Online advertising has been seen as one of the most important ways several businesses and individuals advertise online. In recent years, it has been seen that Per Click advertising is becoming a useful means of improving SEO. However, using online advertising to improve SEO is beneficial, but it does not provide its own benefits directly. 

First of all, whenever we talk about search engine optimization, it is seen as a means of generating traffic organically to your website. This traffic is not generated from adverts, and Google has its own way of deciding search results using its own algorithms.

PPC, on the other hand, is a strategy used to attract a lot of traffic by making use of paid adverts. Markets target a specific set of people using certain keywords. A lot of people make use of PPC because their brand will be seen way more times than the organic. In PPC, you can only get paid when your ads are clicked.

The question here is; How does Pay Per Click improve Search Engine Optimization? They are listed in these 3 reasons below.

  1. Pay Per Click leads to more traffic, which will, in turn, lead to more social media coverage.

Yes. Like we earlier said, the use of Pay per Click makes the generation of traffic very easy. Because of this, the website will get a lot of online exposure due to its massive amount of traffic. On the long run, the overall online and social media exposure will be enhanced. These days, when a lot of people are attracted to a particular product, they are the ones that tend to showcase these products on social media. This has been seen as a very good way to improve your brand and in turn, improve your overall online presence.

  • When people see your ads, they are more like to click on the organic result of your search.

For a lot of individuals, whenever an advert is placed online, especially if it is a Pay Per Click advert, they are most likely to find the organic result of these adverts and click on them. It has been seen that people tend to find the organic result of an advert and click on the result instead of the advert. When these people do this, they are improving the overall search engine optimization of your website. In some cases, it is not likely to occur. But when it occurs, it will do your website a whole lot of good. 

  • Google makes use of increased traffic as part of the ranking process.

A lot of people, especially business owners, website owners, and regular internet users do not know this, but Google also makes use of high website interaction and increasing traffic to boost the search index of a particular website. When a website has a lot of traffic coming in, Google has an algorithm that checks the amount of interaction on the site and the amount of traffic coming, immediately the algorithm detects that they are on par, your search results will be improved. This ultimately helps your search engine optimization to be greatly improved.


In summary, we can see how Pay Per Click helps to improve the search engine optimization of a particular website. However, for a marketer, it is advised that you do not use this strategy as your primary strategy in improving your search engine optimization. Although the strategy is bound to make an impact, the impact may not be as much as you may be expecting it to be.

How to Create an Interesting Blog For Free and Make Money with Advertising

A blog can be said to be a type of website that deals with or set its site majorly on written information. It can also be called a blog post. Blogs are a good way to share your thoughts with the world without being boring. But the dominant question has always been, how to create an interesting blog for free without being boring and still make money from it. Here are some ways to do this successfully.

  • The first step to starting a blog is picking a blog name.

Choosing something descriptive is important as this plays a major role in attracting people to your blog. Life’s experiences can be a good place to derive your blog name.

  • A good topic is also essential.

Hobbies or other passions you are interested in are a good place to begin. Cars, cooking, travel, fashion are all good pointers. It is impossible to know all who would benefit from what you share, so, chose diverse topics from time to time. It could be about family, work, random thoughts and fantasies or even bad experiences as such knowledge can be helpful.

  • Get your blog online.

After picking a name for your blog and some topics you will love to discuss, it is essential to get your blog online. To get your blog working smoothly, you need two things they are

  • blog hosting and
  • the blogging software.

 A blog host is a company that keeps all your files for your blog and sends them to the user when they type your blog name for viewing. You need to possess a blog host to have a blog. You also need to possess the software to build your blog.

  • Customize your blog.

Everyone has a particular idea of how they would like their blog to look like. One great thing about a WordPress blog is that you can choose to change your whole layout and design with only a few clicks of your mouse. Changing theme is the easiest way to customize your blog, and this plays a large role in making your blog interesting or boring. So, chose a beautiful and interesting theme.

  • Add humor to write-ups

Good and interesting write-ups are very important. The introduction of humor while writing is a good way to make your blog interesting. Humor helps your readers find joy in what they are reading, and it gives them a reason to continue and even come back for more. However, moderation is of The Essence.

  • promote your blog

Spend quality time promoting your blog. A wonderful place to promote blog content is on social media. Social networks are also excellent places to share the links attached to your blog content, and when friends do the same, your viewers and readers multiply and have a wider scope. And to make sure your readers come back for more, you will need email marketing, with the permission of your readers sending them updates is a great way to achieve this.

  • Advertisements

The use of adverts is another way to make your blog interesting. While adverts can make your blog interesting, it can also earn you money. The easiest way to earn from your blog is by selling space for adverts. There are a lot of ways to make money from your blog, for example, showing people what you sell and even telling people about a service you render and get patronized by them. If you possess a popular blog, advertisers will always contact you for an opportunity to advertise whatever they need to on your blog.

Earn Money Online With

The advantages of working online compared to working in an office

In this age of technology and the internet, staying at home no longer means you have to stay idle. There are so many ways to make some money off the internet. The internet brings with it a large number of opportunities to make some money. Now there are so many freelancing jobs to take on and also online companies whose employees work from home.

In addittion, a number of people believe that office jobs definitely pay a higher salary than online jobs, but this is not always the case. There are some online jobs that pay even more than office jobs. Online jobs also come with a number of other advantages. These include:

  1. Saving on costs

Working from home helps you save a lot on costs. All you have to do is wake up in the morning, freshen up, take your laptop and connect to the internet. You don’t have to spend so much on gas money or spend on transportation to get to work. You can also cook at home when you get hungry, thereby saving from buying breakfast or lunch. Also when you step out of your home, there can be so many other reasons to spend money unplanned.

Working from home helps you save lots of money. Basically when working online, the more you make, the less you spend. When working at an office, you spend almost half of the money you make on getting to the office.

  • More personal time

Also, working at home gives you more time to attend to your personal needs. You can prepare your favorite meals, do your laundry, take naps or clean up your home in your own time. If you have kids or a family, you can spend more time with them and also attend to their needs more conveniently. Working at an office gives you a very little amount of time to meet your personal needs. Most times you might have to leave home in the morning and return in the evenings, then squeeze your personal needs into that small period of time. Balancing work with family might be difficult, but when working from home and making money online, it becomes much easier.

  • Flexibility

Furthermore, working at the office can feel very rigid. This is because you have to spend 9 to 5 every day at your desk and repeat the same thing the next week and every week after that. It can get boring and kill off your excitement to work. Working online comes with flexibility. You can choose to go to the café on the other street to work. Also, you can choose to work on your bed, at a hotel or anywhere else. You can also travel to another city and still carry on with your work without any problems. So long as you have your laptop and a good internet connection, you are free to work anywhere.

  • Convenience

Moreover, making money online definitely is more convenient than working in an office. Majority of people who work in offices hate their jobs most of the time because of how inconvenient it is. When working online, you can work in your own space and at your own time. With a good work ethic, you also do not have to deal with angry bosses giving you impossible timelines or annoying colleagues. You can also attend to you and your family’s needs conveniently.

In conclusion, there are so many ways to earn money online. Using Star-Clicks you make a decent amount of money every day. Want to see how it works? Just signup for an account

5 Benefits of Advertising With

When it comes to business, one thing we can all agree on is that online advertising has helped a lot through the years. Popularly known as online marketing as well as internet advertising, it has created a ground for businesses to get more customers and grow in terms of success and exposure. There are of course different online strategies you need to learn to be able to target your audience, reach out to more people and communicate with your clients and potential clients. Due to all this, it makes people unwilling to create platforms to meet clients online. Nonetheless, it is important to know the importance of advertising online.

1. Online advertising makes you more flexible

Online advertising is a lot of flexible and long term. This is due to the fact it can be accessible to users of smartphones, laptops, desktops or tablets and almost every individual has access to at least one of these gadgets. Not only that, but more than half has access to internet services which makes technology become one with the customers. This way, it is very easy to access customers, find your target audience and interact with them for as long as the internet leaves the human race.

2. You have of control, time and it is cheaper

Here’s the thing, unlike traditional investments where you spend a lot on advertising. Without a reasonable Return Of investment, online advertising is a lot cheaper, and you get to be in control. Traditional investment involves a lot of flyers, banners, etc but online; it would cost as much to just pasting on your page and forwarding to your customers. We aren’t exactly saying online advertisement doesn’t involve its own amount of money, but compared to the traditional advertisement, it is a lot lower and also time-saving.

3. Online advertising has a high level of efficiency.

Online advertising delivers to a more global audience than traditional advertising does. All you have to do is create and mark your brand, get a copyright for authenticity, and you are ready to take over the world.

When you advertise online, you get more traffic, and by doing that, you have to build trust with your audience. Get them something that would entice them and make them trust you. When you have a means of passing such information to people, you get to have more people following your websites and advertisement. When you have a satisfied customer, they would tell another and so on. All you have to do is be at the top of your advertisement game and measure your progress from time to time.

4. You get loyal customers all over the world

Let us leave that to the power of word of mouth. As mentioned above, satisfying a customer gives them more chances to tell someone about you, and the more satisfied customers you have, the more Loyal they become. Online marketing gives you that chance to reach out to people everywhere in the world, therefore expanding your customer base.

The internet is filled with so many shares and mentions which can make you go viral. Once this happens, it gives you a great opportunity to reach your full potential.

5. Getting better customers

Online advertising helps you know who your target audience is and how to locate them. Not everyone would be interested in what you have to offer, but some people do and are probably looking for you right now. The internet makes it easier to find these people and give them what they require. When advertising online such as the internet, your target audience is there for you to know where you are reaching out to.


Online advertising is one of the easiest ways of reaching out to more people and becoming more successful, so why not bring your business online today?