How to Create an Interesting Blog For Free and Make Money with Advertising

A blog can be said to be a type of website that deals with or set its site majorly on written information. It can also be called a blog post. Blogs are a good way to share your thoughts with the world without being boring. But the dominant question has always been, how to create an interesting blog for free without being boring and still make money from it. Here are some ways to do this successfully.

  • The first step to starting a blog is picking a blog name.

Choosing something descriptive is important as this plays a major role in attracting people to your blog. Life’s experiences can be a good place to derive your blog name.

  • A good topic is also essential.

Hobbies or other passions you are interested in are a good place to begin. Cars, cooking, travel, fashion are all good pointers. It is impossible to know all who would benefit from what you share, so, chose diverse topics from time to time. It could be about family, work, random thoughts and fantasies or even bad experiences as such knowledge can be helpful.

  • Get your blog online.

After picking a name for your blog and some topics you will love to discuss, it is essential to get your blog online. To get your blog working smoothly, you need two things they are

  • blog hosting and
  • the blogging software.

 A blog host is a company that keeps all your files for your blog and sends them to the user when they type your blog name for viewing. You need to possess a blog host to have a blog. You also need to possess the software to build your blog.

  • Customize your blog.

Everyone has a particular idea of how they would like their blog to look like. One great thing about a WordPress blog is that you can choose to change your whole layout and design with only a few clicks of your mouse. Changing theme is the easiest way to customize your blog, and this plays a large role in making your blog interesting or boring. So, chose a beautiful and interesting theme.

  • Add humor to write-ups

Good and interesting write-ups are very important. The introduction of humor while writing is a good way to make your blog interesting. Humor helps your readers find joy in what they are reading, and it gives them a reason to continue and even come back for more. However, moderation is of The Essence.

  • promote your blog

Spend quality time promoting your blog. A wonderful place to promote blog content is on social media. Social networks are also excellent places to share the links attached to your blog content, and when friends do the same, your viewers and readers multiply and have a wider scope. And to make sure your readers come back for more, you will need email marketing, with the permission of your readers sending them updates is a great way to achieve this.

  • Advertisements

The use of adverts is another way to make your blog interesting. While adverts can make your blog interesting, it can also earn you money. The easiest way to earn from your blog is by selling space for adverts. There are a lot of ways to make money from your blog, for example, showing people what you sell and even telling people about a service you render and get patronized by them. If you possess a popular blog, advertisers will always contact you for an opportunity to advertise whatever they need to on your blog.