Online advertising has been seen as one of the most important ways several businesses and individuals advertise online. In recent years, it has been seen that Per Click advertising is becoming a useful means of improving SEO. However, using online advertising to improve SEO is beneficial, but it does not provide its own benefits directly. 

First of all, whenever we talk about search engine optimization, it is seen as a means of generating traffic organically to your website. This traffic is not generated from adverts, and Google has its own way of deciding search results using its own algorithms.

PPC, on the other hand, is a strategy used to attract a lot of traffic by making use of paid adverts. Markets target a specific set of people using certain keywords. A lot of people make use of PPC because their brand will be seen way more times than the organic. In PPC, you can only get paid when your ads are clicked.

The question here is; How does Pay Per Click improve Search Engine Optimization? They are listed in these 3 reasons below.

  1. Pay Per Click leads to more traffic, which will, in turn, lead to more social media coverage.

Yes. Like we earlier said, the use of Pay per Click makes the generation of traffic very easy. Because of this, the website will get a lot of online exposure due to its massive amount of traffic. On the long run, the overall online and social media exposure will be enhanced. These days, when a lot of people are attracted to a particular product, they are the ones that tend to showcase these products on social media. This has been seen as a very good way to improve your brand and in turn, improve your overall online presence.

  • When people see your ads, they are more like to click on the organic result of your search.

For a lot of individuals, whenever an advert is placed online, especially if it is a Pay Per Click advert, they are most likely to find the organic result of these adverts and click on them. It has been seen that people tend to find the organic result of an advert and click on the result instead of the advert. When these people do this, they are improving the overall search engine optimization of your website. In some cases, it is not likely to occur. But when it occurs, it will do your website a whole lot of good. 

  • Google makes use of increased traffic as part of the ranking process.

A lot of people, especially business owners, website owners, and regular internet users do not know this, but Google also makes use of high website interaction and increasing traffic to boost the search index of a particular website. When a website has a lot of traffic coming in, Google has an algorithm that checks the amount of interaction on the site and the amount of traffic coming, immediately the algorithm detects that they are on par, your search results will be improved. This ultimately helps your search engine optimization to be greatly improved.


In summary, we can see how Pay Per Click helps to improve the search engine optimization of a particular website. However, for a marketer, it is advised that you do not use this strategy as your primary strategy in improving your search engine optimization. Although the strategy is bound to make an impact, the impact may not be as much as you may be expecting it to be.